Strategies Used by Online Casinos to Attract Users

Don’t worry if you are new to online casinos. Some websites help their users to play safely. OnlineCasinoWiki is one of them. They provide blogs and articles that are well researched to help players clear their doubts and the difficulty they are facing.

To attract the crowd, you need to form a marketing strategy because we need to lure the people. There should be a win-win situation; only then will people come to your site for play. OnlineCasinoWiki is a site that helps its users in providing guidance and tricks related to play. They provide helpful information on different online casino games to give its users maximum value from reading.

How do they attract people-

The advertisements and communication on social media platforms help in influencing the large customer base. Digital marketing plays an essential role in engaging or winning the audience.

What helps in attracting or luring people is:

  • Bonuses
  • Referrals
  • Cashbacks
  • Insurance
  • No deposit
  • Comp points


Most online casinos offer bonuses to the players who sign up on their site and deposit for the first time. It is the part of the marketing strategy that may include a cost. OnlineCasinoWiki also gives bonuses and other exciting offers to its users and newly joined players. Still, it’s permissible to lure new players who may return and deposit on repeat. since these sites primarily providing bonuses to force the player to wager assured base money before being allowed to take the money out.

It also includes the extra rewards to the new user as a welcome reward or credit who joins the site. These offers can be given in a package form and may be provided following the initial two or three deposits


these are of 2 kinds. One is for the referee, and the other is for the referrer. The referee gets the bonus when he/she sign up by mentioning the name of the referrer. When referred, the referrer gets the commission finishes all the requirements like making the deposit, wagering it several times.


Cashbacks are the refund on depositing the money. In this, we get a tiny amount of money on making transactions. If we deposit some amount and after that, we get 5% of the money in return after deposit comes under cashback.


These bonuses are provided in a proportion of all the losses in the player’s earlier gaming activity. Various websites offer cashback or insurance pay based on losses encountered while playing online.

No deposit-

Several sites offer no deposit bonuses, which means you don’t need to deposit at first like other sites. No deposit bonus is a strategy to encourage various users to use their platform or site for gambling purposes.

Comp points-

Comps are usually available at land-based casinos but now also happen online. These can be commonly exchanged for cash, prizes, or other comps. The amount of cash given per wager is generally significantly less. Moreover, it varies with the game selection.

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